Spectacular Cakes Photo Page

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Here are some lovely cake pictures for you to view

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Santa Face

Christmas Tree

Daisies on Fondant

Candy Cane

Hearts and Colors

Retro Daisy Cake

Ivy and Roses

Fondant and Red Rose Petals

Calla Lillies

Shimmery Seashells 1

Bows Galore

Patterned boxes

Baby Buggy

Off-set Fondant Cake

Citrus Wedding Cake

Violet Diamond Boxes

Silver and Gold Boxes

Baby bear cake


Cupcake Wedding Display

White Chocalate and Strawberry Groom's Cake

Embroidered Elegance

Brown swirls

Very Pretty

Tiered Birthday Cake

Tuxedo Groom's Cake

Barbie Princess

Halloween Cut-off Head cake

3D Hello Kitty

3D Armadillo Cake

3D Bride Cake

Pink 3D Barbie cake